Keynote speaker: Joan DeVries

The Rev. Dr. Joan DeVries

The Rev. Dr. Joan DeVries is a seasoned pastor, liturgist, writer, leader and teacher. She received her PhD in (practical) theology from McMaster Divinity College, focusing on how theological education can be reformed to reach its intended goal of formation (both spiritual and other) and not simply information. She has held a number of leadership roles at Tyndale University College and Seminary where she is an adjunct faculty, having taught courses in theology of worship.

Joan is ordained in the Christian Reformed Church and has served as senior pastor in several congregations, leading a significant turn toward a missional focus. She has a particular interest in faith formation as it happens in outreach, in small groups, in worship and in church structure and leadership.

She hopes to both encourage and challenge us at Discipulus’18 as we ask:

  • What’s really happening here?
  • How does our faith inform this situation?
  • What might help towards a better God-directed outcome?


In addition to keynote addresses, Discipulus’18 will feature two sets of workshops on specific strategies, tools and resources for evangelism and disciple-making. After workshops, we’ll gather with others from similar contexts to share and compare our insights from all three workshops. Watch this space for more details!

Thursday: Equipping

What’s the real centre of gravity that binds our community together? Our Thursday afternoon workshops will help us consider how discipleship can be at the heart of everything we do as Church. Choose between:

1. Disciple-making in our organization

How can our structures and budgets help us make disciples?

2. Disciple-making in our social life

How can our dinners, rummage sales and coffee hours help us make disciples?

3. Disciple-making in our worship

How can our liturgy, preaching and music help us make disciples?

Friday: Resourcing

On Friday, hear about specific tools and resources from people who’ve used them in their own churches.

1. Alpha

Creating a welcoming, friendly place where people can come and ask questions to explore the Christian faith.

2. Pilgrim

A program from the Church of England to help every local church create a place where people can explore the Christian faith together and see how it can be lived out each day.

3. Christian Foundations

An introduction to the good news of the gospel and an overview of the Bible, church history, key Christian beliefs, and core practices of the faith.